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Vacu-Press® Trailers

The Vacu-Press ® Trailer is a diesel-powered suction/discharge installation suited for liquid and dry substances, mounted on a trailer chassis.

  • This creates a truly multi-purpose mobile suction unit that allows for the easy transport of the collected substance to a conveyor belt, container, truck, bulk bag, etc.
  • High-quality technical build with a noise-insulated engine/pump housing. Custom version features a nitrogen cooling system to be used when working with catalysts. The hydraulic dual-tipping separator can be fitted with a continuous unloading valve in order to suck and discharge without interruption.
  • Air-cooled full-vacuum pump with a capacity of 2,500-8,000 m³/h
  • Pneumatic, continuously cleansing filtration system and safety filter
  • 2-axle trailer, maximum load: 20 tonnes.
Vacu-Press® Trailer 8000 Standaard
Vacu-Press® 8000 Standaard
Vacu-Press® 8000 Catalyst
Designed for sucking substances in a closed nitrogen (NO) environment. Equipped with a water-cooled cooling system for controlling the temperature of the exhaust airflow.
Vacu-Press® 3000
Vacu-Press® Trailer 3000
Vacu-Press® 2500
Vacu-Press® 2500 Diesel zuig/blaas unit
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