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Vacu-Press® Containers

For projects requiring vacuum suction power, you can rely on Vacu-Press® containers manufactured by Naaktgeboren BV.

The noise-insulated containers are constructed according to ISO standards and fitted with twistlocks. In combination with the separator, which is designed to handle specific jobs, Vacu-Press® containers can form an exceptionally mobile suction/transfer station.

  • Air-cooled full-vacuum Vacu-Press® 8000 Pump, maximum cap. 8000 m³/h.
  • Very low noise production (ca. 72 dBA) thanks to high-grade noise isolation. Extensive range of technical auxiliary equipment, with the choice of an incorporated automatically self-cleaning filtration system, Safety filter and work/control area.
  • Optimum access for monitoring and maintenance.
  • Pump is powered via diesel engine or electric motor.
Vacu-Press® 8000 Container/6,1m
Die gemäß den ISO-Normen, mit Twistlocks versehenen und schallgedämpften Container bilden zusammen mit dem für die jeweilige Aufgabe passenden Trennmaschine eine einfache bewegliche Saug- und Verladestation.
Vacu-Press® Tankcontainer IMO-1
Vacu-Press® Tankcontainer IMO-1
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