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Excavator with a revolutionary combination of filter and Roots blower technology


The VacuDigger Technology

For safely and rapidly sucking away (contaminated) soil around cables, pipes and sucking away roof gravel and substrates, the VacuDigger technology offers the sophisticated solution. The combination of the revolutionary filter system with low resistance (patent pending) and the applied Roots blower technology provides a nearly constant air quantity that does not decrease with increasing vacuum. This leads to an unprecedented suction capacity.

  • High suction capacity
  • Adjustable airflow capacity
  • Large loading space, capacity 12 m³
  • Optimal tipping angle
  • Maintenance free compressed-air cleaning filter
  • Suction arm with large reach capacity
  • Hydrostatic driving
  • Remote-controlled steering of the front wheels
  • Radio-operated remote control
  • Connection to gas washer (scrubber) installation possible
  • Adjustable suction head (VacuSwivel-system) possible
  • Placement of fine filter cartridges of H class possible.

Driving and working with the VacuDigger

The VacuDigger can drive hydrostatically. This drive is built into the transfer gearbox of the power train. The transfer gearbox also drives the roots blowers. Simultaneous sucking while hydrostatic driving by means of remote control. The VacuDigger is equipped with a digital modular CAN-bus control system with a remote control that can activate all required functions, such as movements of the suction arm, suction system, dumping, hydrostatic driving and steering.

Pump space

The soundproof pump space offers room for the 2 roots blowers and the fine filter. By applying roots blower technology, the air quantity does not decrease with increasing vacuum and the use of a gas washer (scrubber) is possible. In practice, a high suction capacity is the result. With the adjustable airflow capacity effective sucking with different hose sizes is possible.

Revolutionary Filter System

The VacuDigger features a revolutionary filter system (pat.pend.) comprising a main and a fine filter. The main filter (Class M) is placed in the hydraulically operated top lid of the loading space and consists of filter bags that are cleaned automatically by pulsjet. Residue filter dust falls directly into the loading space underneath. This filter is characterised by low resistance during suction operation. The fine filter is mounted in the pump space and consists of 5 pieces of quickly replaceable filter cartridges. If required, Class H fine filters can also be mounted.

Easy sideways unloading

The VacuDigger can tip its 12 m³ loading space sideways. Due to the position of the filter, the residue material falls directly into the loading space, offering optimal utilisation of the loading space. The smooth stainless steel walls facilitate easy unloading.

Far reaching and flexible

With its 9.25 meters length and a diameter of 250 mm the radio controlled hydraulic suction arm is the tool of choice for sucking away soil, even in hard to reach areas. The optional movable suction head, VacuSwivel (patent pending) increases the flexibility in order to suck very accurately, up to 180 °, underneath existing piping.

Chassis: 4 axles
Engine power: min. 330 KW
Wheelbase: 5500 mm (1st - 3rd axle)
Length: 10mtr.
Width: 2,50mtr.
Height: approx. 3,95m
Total weight: approx. 26 ton
Loading space: 12 m&sup3, stainless steel
Hydraulic suction arm: 9.25 mtr. with suction hose
Suction hose diameter: 250 mm
Air speed in suction hose: max 100 m/s
Roots blowers: 2 x trilob
Vacuum: 500 mbar
Blower drive: from the transfer gearbox
Power consumption: max. 300 KW
Main filter: Bia klasse M
Fine filter: standard Bia Class M, Bia class H possible
Ground control unit: without lower value, with grounding reel and signal light
Noise level: approx. 80dB (A)
Lockable tool boxes: 6 pieces
Support legs: 3 units, hydraulically telescopic
Water pump: capacity 45 ltr / min. at max. 150 bar, incl. 1000 litres water tank
Air compressor: capaciteit 3 m&sup3/min., 7 bar
Pneumatic tools (optional): pneumatic shovel, pressurized air injecting spring lance, pressurized blowing lance, pneumatic demolition hammer with chisels and 2 x 10 mtr. Pressurized air hose possible.


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